Ad astra aims to provide insightful, actionable and succinct commentary on a slice of the financial markets through descriptive and analytical study of price action.

Ad astra is written by a recent political economy graduate and current prop trader with a keen interest in understanding the undulations of financial markets, particularly in discerning the relative values (and shortcomings) in explaining short-term market movements from competing analytical frameworks such as the EMH, technical analysis, behavioral finance models, etc.

On occasion, ad astra is augmented with writing concerning the airline industry and personal travels. The author's qualifications for this subject area include former work in the industry and exceedingly prolific (and obsessive) airline travel.

Ad astra does not provide recommendations or advice concerning investments. Any ideas advanced by the blog should not be acted upon without considerable further research on the part of the investor. No responsibility or liability is assumed for any trades that you may take or any losses that you may incur. You should consult your broker or financial adviser before placing any such trades.

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