Monday, February 23, 2009

23/02: A christening

And with little fanfare and nary any notice, a new blog takes life:

Ad astra: airlines, equity markets & travel

This blog hopes to make a contribution to an ambitious combination of three oft-discussed topics; is the task hopeless? The blog's author hopes his unique perspective offers the elusive value-added. Without further adiu, behind the computer screen is:
  • an undergraduate at Georgetown University (hence the 'Hoyas' term in the URL);
  • an enthusiastic trader of the U.S. equity markets since middle school, known to trade the New York session during late nights at the LSE library in London;
  • a passionate traveler, one who strategically games airline frequent flier programs to permit upward of 100,000 miles of travel per annum;
  • a careful follower of airline industry news, no matter how minute and otherwise irrelevant to human welfare
Thank you for reading, and please share some love with a comment!

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