Monday, November 15, 2010

In recent travels, a notable coincidence

On Friday, November 12, an American Airlines B737-800 took off from Washington's Reagan airport bound for DFW, experienced a cargo hold fire indication while climbing through FL260 (i.e. 26000 feet) some 60 nautical miles west of Dulles airport, and performed a diversion to Dulles, landing safely 26 minutes after wheels-up. The flight departed DCA at 8:43am.

And with apologies about the self-centeredness of this post, here is its meat: I, too, departed Washington at 8:43a on Friday, November 12, albeit from Dulles airport, aboard a United B757-200 bound for Los Angeles. Incidentally, I was listening to Channel 9, the live feed of air traffic control communications; however, I heard nothing about the AA diversion, possibly as I may have tuned to a music channel soon after take-off.

The bottom line: it's a small world. And I might do well to occasionally consider that transcontinental transportation, while very, very safe, is nonetheless inherently risky.

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