Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Apple (AAPL) roars after-hours, then collapses, in post-earnings trade

APR23 2010EST. Shares of Apple (AAPL) whipsawed in after-hours trade today on the release of its quarterly earnings report.

As trading resumed at 15:50 CST after a 26 minute halt in the action (during which the company's numbers hit the wires), the stock roared higher and briefly consolidated between $420 and $426.

AAPL (Apple). 15:00 CST to 18:45 CST on Apr 23, 2013. 1-minute candles.

With the conference call just underway at 16:02 EST, the iPhone maker touched a high of $429.9. But then, shares began to languish and at 16:28 retraced to the $420 consolidation low of a half hour earlier (circled in yellow above).

That consolidation support held for a mere 2 minutes however, and shares proceeded to accelerate to the downside, ultimately retracing all $27 of the after-hours' pop. AAPL ultimately stabilized at the $402 horizontal support level from the 15:00 CST hour (circled in red above).